Good quality 220VAC REX-C700 J type Temperature Controlle

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C series temperature controller introduction

Read the instruction manual before usage,for right Application and maintenance. (Before usage read the opreation guide carefully for use machine correctly.) Wiring warming
•As to prevent damage or destroy, choose the proper fuse for power line and input/ output lines for avoiding electric current shock.
Atmospheres power supply
•As to prevent damage or destroy, turn on lhe current after all connection work finished.
No using the machine in flammable gas storage areas.
•For flameproof.explosionproof.or preventing machine damaged or destroied.No using in flammable gas storage and steam discharging areas.
No changing default Instrument Settinge
•As to prevent damage or destroy, changing default Instrument Settings is absolutely prohibited.


DH/REX-COOnseries industrial adjusting Apparatus/temperaturecontroller is design of Switch Power Supply Using in microprocessor Multi-functional Intelligent Adjustor.With the special Switched Mode power Supply technology and surface mount techno!ogy(SMT).Consequently,the product is a small fine and credibility and stabilization.The unique self diagnostic function.The self-adjustisng Function and intelligent control of the Instrument make user to obtain good results byshirtsleeve operation

Main features:

Thermocouple,hot resistance,analog arc free to input, range setting free.
Software can dial to lhe zero and full scale derent position.Cold side particular temperature measuring.param etric amplifier auto consiant-zero.Display accuracy is superior to0.5%FS.combining relevant optimization technique.reliability theory, troditional PID method and fuzzy mathematics into an organic whole make control fast and smoothly and automatic tuning PID parameters of Control System. Optional output: relay contact,logic lcvcl,silicon-controllcd rectifier single-phase, triphase zero-crossing edge or trigger phase shiffer.analog quantity and have another 2circuits equip defined flash warning contact output.

Model Number Definition

model ID

①Size (tablel)
②Mode of Control
F : P1D control and inversion automation
D: PID control and forward modeling automation
③Input type and measurement range (table 2)
④Main output
N: No output
M: Relay contact outpui
V: Voltage pulses output
8: Electric current output
T: Thyristor Zero-Crossings output
G: Thyristor pulse of the Phase Shifter output
⑤Circuit】 alarm types
N: No alarm
A: Maximum deviation alarm
B: Minimum deviation alarm
C: Maximum and Miniinum deviation alarm
D: Within limits alarm
E: Alert status maximum deviation alarm
F: Alert status minimum deviation alarm
G: Alert status maximum and Miniinum deviation alarm H: Input maximum value alarm
J : Input minimum value alarm
K: Alert status input maximutn value alarm
L: Alert status input minimum value alarm
⑥Circuit2 alarm types (ibidem)

 Tablel length wide height (L W H)


false top framc(WxII)


open pore sizc(WxH)









REX-C700 DH70C












Table2 Input the signal with measure the degree scope

(1 )Should use a correspond compcnsation,when thermocouple input
(2)Should use three low・resistance lines,same sectional area^materiahand length, when hot resistance input
(3)Input signal lines have to far away from power cordjoad line,avoiding noise disturbing.
(4)Usually,power cord will not be disturbed,if disturbed by noise,have to use rejector. Should
Attention following when use noise rejector:
1 )Cul short twist line distance,as short as possible
Fix noise rejector on instrument board and ground leading,keep the distance between noise rejector andinstrument terminal as short as possible.
Do not fox fi.ize and switch on fan-out of rejector,if you do will fall eflect of rejector using down.
Relay output need5~6S set-up time after power-on.Parallel connection delayed relay,when as an outside loop-couplcd signal.
Do not overclose the bolt of tcnninal.Moreover choose appropriate lug of terminal.





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