Qingming festival holiday notice

Dear friends,

The tomb-sweeping day is coming. According to the regulations of the state council on statutory holidays and the actual situation of our work unit, we hereby notify the following matters concerning the National Day holiday in 2020:

1. The unit holiday time for April 4, April 5 normal work.

2. All departments and offices shall implement the responsibility system of safety work, prevent fire and theft, and ensure the personal and property safety of employees.

3. The heads of all departments shall do a good job in on-duty inspection, strictly enforce discipline and strictly demand it; Those who leave their posts without reason shall be severely criticized, and those who cause responsible accidents shall be investigated for the responsibilities of the department leaders and the personnel on duty.

4. Customers who need to order must consult with our sales department. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Sales telephone: 18967765060. E-mail: sales@naidian.com

I wish new and old customers safe, peaceful spend the tomb-sweeping day!




Post time: Apr-01-2020